king of the day
księga gości

Pillar Of Salt  
I am become as tinkling cymbal.  
I am become as sounding brass,  
The nimble mind in the pillar of salt  
Slippery reptile on the golden throne  
I have appealed through the tongues and throats  
Of any able kind of humanity  
But it just sounded with my creepy hiss  
The language unknown for ears of charity  
A hot drops sinks through the pillar of salt  
taking the way trough the bloated glands  
freezed while the peak of curiosity  
then drain into promiseland  
I look into abyss in your eyes  
There's nothing staring back at me  
I hit the worst nightmare of your living  
and still find no resist  
Crawling through the bushes of paradise  
Wrapped round The Knowledge branches  
measuring the distance with eyes  
counting the cenuries and ages  
i got splinters and stones within my teeth  
from grinning nearby the human hate  
i got stuffed ears with blood and tears  
from observing too close the human fate  
the sun was risen upon the earth when lot enetered into zoar  
than the lord rained upon sodom and gommorah. brimstone and fire  
he overthrew those people, he overthrew the city. brimstone and fire everywhere - that was a punishment for this crudity