king of the day
księga gości

Babylon Zion  
Babylon Zion is a natty place  
Babylon Zion is the only proper way  
To address postcards, to address envelopes  
Cause we use a dread post office inna Babylon  
Babylon Zion is not easy to get  
When you coming from the west you keep the rail  
Wet of the black sweat until you reach the hypotric yard  
Whatever you see just turn right  
Babilon Zion you can find as well,  
arriving from an eastern Emperors nest.  
Use the highway exit sorrounded by stumps of  
the stubbed, former mighty wood of Babilon  
to Babilon Zion just drive straight ahead  
then getting close to it, you'll certainly observe  
strongly rised density of one way street signs  
whatever you see, just turn right  
Babilon Zion is screened from the south  
for shading lazy influence of middle-day sun  
But we've already made a plan, how to make a hole  
in this invention of authorities of Babilon  
Babilon Zion will be closer then  
for all visitors from the southern deserts  
now you have to bypass the rules lively taking the left side  
then whatever you see, just turn right